SkyWings NFT

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to be able to share something we’re truly passionate about: ART and GAMING. SkyWings is an NFT Collection built on the Solana blockchain. With the rise of NFT collections and all kinds of Play-To-Earn-Games, we decided that this space needs a plane-styled NFT Collection, that would focus on building strong community, where no one would feel left out, but we won't stop there.
With the rise of blockchain gaming recently, we identified that this collection needs utility that would attract people from all over the world. Our aim is to create a game, that will not only provide players both new and seasoned with in-game opportunities to uncover tickets that can be used in-game price pools, but also help us with our mission: To create a gaming experience that’s both nostalgic, simple and enjoyable.
With the help of your 3333 SkyWings, you will be able to claim incentives by facing obstacles and enemies as you progress through the levels.